10.31.14 – TOCA HALLOWEEN

    We round off the month on Friday 31st – more commonly known as Halloween to those that still look under the bed at night before switching the lights off.


    10.27.14 – DEEP SPACE

    Legendary Detroit-based artist Theo Parrish joins Francois K for an aural journey into Deep Space on Monday 27th.

  • 102514-Cielo-4x6-MIND-Binoy-425x625

    10.25.14 – MINDCONTROL

    Santana & Bailey have made a unique impression on the city’s nightlife and clubbing culture, and continue to influence it today.

  • esscala-10-24-edit

    10.24.14 – ESSCALA

    Simon’s sound is deeply rooted in the US, while his Open Up brand has firmly established itself as the main destination for quality underground trance and techno.


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