Chris and Steve Martinez were both still teenagers when they first seized the attention of the house music scene, and while their age may still be a sticking point for the lazier observers out there (for the record both are in their early twenties), they’ve long since established themselves beyond their headline grabbing back-story. If you’ve ever seen the Martinez Brothers spin, you know that what separates them from the rest of the pack isn’t just their age, but their seemingly limitless energy, their spirit and mad skills. Watch them behind the decks: they don’t stop moving. Lean, lanky, all wrists and elbows and ear-to-ear grins, these kids look like they were born to move. They’re practically climbing over each other as records flow together, one brother cueing up a track, the other EQing, the headphones passed back and forth, forearms intertwined, heads bobbing in unison. It’s amazing to watch. It’s even more amazing to hear. “As producers we just plan to make more music for people to enjoy and to dance to,” they say. “We don’t really have a sound, and we pride ourselves in that every one of our records sounds different from the next – and we definitely want to keep it that way and keep it interesting. Whether it’s more tech style records, deeper records or housey records, there really are no rules with us, so you can expect anything!”