The venerable British conglomerate known as Horse Meat Disco (Messrs Hillard, Stanton, Howard and Severino) seems like it’s following a natural profile evolution, progressing from beloved intimate underground parties to sell-out roadblock nights. And the crowds come back time-and-time again to hear deep-house, Italo-disco classics, acid and early electro-funk jams, along with the retro-tinged disco of both the leftfield and mainstream variety. While some disco aficionados tend to go for selections and edits that leave out the cheesy lyrics and overtly camp solos, Horse Meat’s DJs tend to leave them in and glitz them up all the more. It’s a magical formula that’s worked with both older and younger generations of clubbers, giving HMD a cult-like following on both sides of the Atlantic that continues to grow with each subsequent headline appearance.