Paul Woolford is only interested in the politics of dance, where leftfield-meets-the-right-of-centre in a perfect union. Through his work as DJ, producer, remixer, label mogul and dance floor experimentalist, Paul Woolford has succeeded in bringing a rare level of artistry to the world of modern dance music, and in so doing so has made an enduring global impact. His name has become synonymous with quality electronica across the house and techno spectrum, and it’s the cross-pollination and inter-breeding of the genres, in all their many strands, that’s propelled him to the vanguard of this movement. A veteran of sorts, his music as the wonderful Bobby Peru was pushing this sound before there were a million media tags for it. His 2006 “Erotic Discourse” was hailed a classic by the new breed of bass loving tastemakers, from which he’s never looked back. Equally respected as a DJ, playing the likes of Fabric, Womb, Cocoon and Warung on a regular basis, along with a longstanding residency at Space Ibiza. “My approach remains the same as it always has been,” says the ever-optimistic DJ. “Work as hard as you can and make it happen. I know that there are various people who have floundered and found things difficult but if you choose not to adapt then you get left behind. I’m not interested in looking back, only forward.”