BPitch Control has been introducing diversity to the club society of Berlin since 1997. The label, created by Ellen Allien, tries to split the technoid-electronic microcosms of the capital city with the function of being a platform for upcoming artists. Camea was born and raised in the Seattle music scene as a pianist and lover of all musical genres. In her youth she studied both classical and jazz theory as well as dance, playing in various local bands. Later, in her teens, she fell into the Seattle grunge and rock scenes, but her lifestyle quickly changed when she discovered electronic music in the late-90s. She now resides in Berlin, having arrived via Brooklyn, where her real passion is the burgeoning tech-house hybrid sound. DJing has always been at the forefront of Camea’s passion; her sound is best described as Seattle-cool-meets-Brooklyn-edge-with-Berlin-chic, blending her more traditional musician roots with modern melodic concepts and groovy percussion. Most recently she’s moved her interests into the studio: last year she became the first female artist to record for Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 label, while “City Watch Over Me”, her debut for BPitch Control, has put her name firmly on the production map. Berlin is fast becoming the new home of techno and on Thursday 8th see why BPitch Control is at the forefront of the genre’s dominance.