Deep Space

Our goal is to bring you a weekly party to share our love for a vast, under-appreciated musical direction, which has started to emerge on dance music’s cultural horizon.

Dub has been present in popular music since its early 70′s Jamaican reggae roots, also filtering into dance music in later decades, but never widely acknowledged for what it is: a truly groundbreaking conceptual art form equal in significance to other giant aesthetic leaps such as Cubism or jazz. It abstracts the essence of music and allows its creator to redefine and reshape boundaries for what might otherwise be a predictable form of expression.

We wish, through our weekly ‘Deep Space’ parties, to create a special welcoming atmosphere for those who appreciate music and dub. We will aim to show the countless links to dub’s rich tradition by acknowledging its original creators, as well as celebrating it today by presenting more contemporary music of all types that share those spaced-out vibes.

In keeping with the open-minded musical spirit that dub has fostered, we would like to think that this party will be the kind of event where sounds of all origins will be played, not limited to one particular format but always sharing this common link of dub, whether improvised live at the mixing console or played from original recordings. We may also invite artists to join in and contribute to it in a live and spontaneous form.

Our aim is to provide everyone with a comfortable and convivial setting in which to enjoy music together, with a respect for your senses that we feel is mostly missing in today’s parties. Rather than using deafening sound levels, blinding lights and smoke machines, our desire is to achieve our goals in a tasteful manner, so as to create an atmosphere that can enable both devoted dancers and laid-back listeners to equally enjoy the sounds that we have come to love, as well as helping them discover new and inspiring ones.

The journey has indeed just started!

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