Hector Romero at Cielo with David Morales - podcast

Cielo Podcast 29: Hector Romero – Playing Saturday, April 11th

April 9, 2015

The Cielo podcast series is back, baby! This episode features Hector Romero, a Def Mix icon. A native of the Bronx, which informs his fusion of Latin, house and hip-hop rhythms, Romero began his DJ career as a teenager at seminal spots like the mythical La Mirage. Soon he grew to man the decks at […]


Episode 28 – Gabriel & Dresden

November 18, 2014

Click Here to Download Every now and then the dance music community is blessed by the union of two geniuses that when together have the ability to create music that is something more special than they could ever accomplish alone. Through trials and tribulations, solo projects and rough patches, Josh Gabriel & Dave Dresden has […]


Episode 27 – Riva Starr

November 18, 2014

When house hero Claude Von Stroke calls you “one of the best producers on the planet,” people should sit up and listen. Riva’s a creative magnet that draws his inspiration from such a diverse range of sources that it makes it practically impossible to pigeonhole his style. It’s a point reinforced on a discography of […]


Episode 26 – Willie Graff

November 18, 2014

Our resident DJ Willie Graff returns after months away in Ibiza, with the remedy for the winter blues – a unique mix that is as familiar as it is obscure. After another successful season in the Funky Room at Pacha on the White Island, Cielo will be Willie’s winter home and Paradizo his alter. “I […]


Episode 25 – Oscar G

November 18, 2014

Together with long-time friend and production partner Ralph Falcon, Oscar Gaetan is half of the legendary production duo Murk (also responsible for a plethora of club classics as Liberty City, Funky Green Dogs and Deep South), one of the most celebrated and accomplished outfits ever to grace a turntable. With seven Billboard #1s to their […]

nick warren

Episode 24 – Nick Warren

November 18, 2014

To say that Nick Warren is one of the most familiar faces in dance music would be an understatement. Ever since the sound we know as electronica first surfaced, Nick’s been at the forefront of both musical diversity and performance technology, with a staggering number of releases under his belt. Cielo is happy to present […]


Episode 23 – Manik

November 18, 2014

Click Here to Download Ten years ago Cielo opened its doors to New York’s coterie of clubbing elite – a discerning and dedicated crowd. Not only has it survived, it has thrived. Now in 2013 Cielo stands as the premier model for an intimate, music driven nightclub. A pioneer not only in New York City, […]

Episode 22 – Danny Howells

November 18, 2014

He’s been in the game for two decades (and counting…) and his name can easily be positioned among the world’s top dogs in house music. Danny Howells: DJ, producer, label owner but most of all an entertainer who still single-handedly raises the roof of clubs across the globe. This mix was recorded live as Danny […]


Episode 21 – Justin Miller

November 18, 2014

Justin Miller is a quintessential New York City DJ. Mixing the classically cool with the always-cool and the brand new, he’s a selector whose tastes spread across best of techno, deep house, and disco new and old. Part of that diversity likely comes from his tenure as DFA Records assistant label manager and sole employee […]


Episode 20 – Karizma

November 18, 2014

Karizma is one of the most dynamic DJ/Producers in the game right now. If you’ve every witnessed a live show you’ll know that few DJs show as much passion and energy in their sets as he does. A master of many tricks he’s one of the chosen few that can play music from across the […]


Episode 19 – Walker & Royce (Nurvous/Crosstown Rebels)

November 18, 2014

Part of the Nervous/Nurvous Records NY crew, Walker & Royce (aka Sam Walker and Gavin Royce) having been packing a serious punch with an array of scorching remixes for artists such as SAARID, 33hz, Publicist, and SPF 5000, as well as a string of club-ready originals. With releases on Crosstown Rebels, OFF Recordings, Dither Down […]


Episode 18 – Nitin

November 18, 2014

Nitin’s love affair with music began at an early age. His initial musical spectrum included hip-hop, electro and new wave, but it wasn’t long before the radio waves of Detroit caught his ears and he was hooked on what he heard; techno and house was his calling and a path he’s never looked back from. […]


Episode 17 – Marques Wyatt

November 18, 2014

Marques Wyatt has unwittingly become the holy messenger of today’s house music scene, and with his suave and demure demeanor, has also become an iconoclastic figure in the history of American nightlife. For years we have hosted his infamous ‘Deep’ nights at Cielo and we are honored to add his musical contribution to our podcast […]


Episode 16 – Three (Hallucination Ltd)

November 18, 2014

Our newest monthly event ‘halcyon presents’ has been nothing short of outstanding since its inception a couple of months back. Guests of the night have included Anthony Collins, Safeword, John Tejada and more alongside resident Francis Harris. This month’s featured artist is none other than Hallucination Limited’s Three. A staple in the NY underground scene, […]


Episode 15 – Nicolas Matar

November 18, 2014

For our 15th episode Cielo head honcho Nicolas Matar returns to take you on a 1-hour ride with this with deep, sultry mix recorded live at his monthly Paradizo party.


Episode 14 – Filsonik

November 18, 2014

Click Here to Download 2011 marked a strong comeback for New York’s Filsonik with a number of key gigs in Ibiza at DC10 for the famed Circoloco party along with strong releases on labels like Germany’s Desolat that have been receiving accolades from all over the globe. As a close artistic collaborator of fellow NYC […]


Episode 13 – Frank & Tony

November 18, 2014

Episode 013 is brought to us by Scissor & Thread’s recording artists extraordinaire, Frank & Tony (aka Francis Harris and Anthony Collins). Scissor & Thread is cut from a different cloth than your average dance imprint. Patterned more like an indie label, their focus is on developing artists and providing them a platform for ambitious […]


Episode 12 – Steve Bug

November 18, 2014

Germany’s very own taste-maker, trend-setter, mover-shaker-extraordinaire Steve Bug is a multi-faceted artist who refuses to back down from the limelight. A dedicated, energetic and constantly surprising talent, Steve is nothing less than an electronic music ambassador, a much-loved spokesman to the people, and for good reason. As head of two of Germany’s top labels, Poker […]


Episode 11 Part 2 – Cassy

November 18, 2014

Our special anniversary episode mixed by Cassy is presented in 2 parts and here you can find the final installment as we get ready to celebrate our 9th anniversary this Saturday January 28, 2012. She will be joined by Cielo residents Nicolas Matar and Willie Graff for a night that will surely be unforgettable. Not […]


Episode 11 Part 1 – Cassy

November 18, 2014

Episode 011 comes from a very special guest who will be headlining our 9th Anniversary celebration this year. Catherine Britton, also known as Cassy, gained much of her popularity as resident of the über cool Panorama Bar in Berlin. Her releases on seminal labels such as Perlon and Cocoon have also aided in her success […]


Episode 10 – Argy

November 18, 2014

Our 10th episode comes from a very special guest originally from Greece, but now residing in Berlin. Argy, also known as Argyris Theofilis, is best known for his productions on Luciano’s infamous Cadenza Records, but has also been featured on other seminal labels such as Poker Flat, Cocoon and Ibadan. This mix is a preview […]


Episode 9 – Nickodemus

November 18, 2014

Nickodemus has been a key element in the NYC dance music scene for over 10 years. As resident DJ of Turntables on the Hudson, he explores the intersection of Urban & World Music with sounds of Funk, Folk, Jazz, Hip Hop, House & Dub- all with a message of peace, awareness & love for the […]


Episode 8 – Leon

November 18, 2014

Click Here to Download Our latest installment comes from our Italian friend Leon who has been tearing up the charts and tour circuit as of late. With a number of top notch productions under his belt, he is fast becoming one of the world’s premier DJs, especially with his affiliation with Steve Lawler and his […]


Episode 6 – Tedd Patterson

November 18, 2014

Widely regarded as a DJ’s DJ his admirers number Full Intention, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Tee and Steve Lawler. Since 2003 Cielo has been home to Tedd’s creative DJ output; the warmth and intimacy perfectly suiting the man’s personality and passion for the gargantuan garage grooves of his monthly Vibal night – an intoxicating blend of […]


Episode 5 – Alex From Tokyo

November 18, 2014

Good friend and Cielo regular, Alex From Tokyo provides the soundtrack to the latest edition of our podcast series. Sit back and enjoy…


Episode 4 – Louie Vega

November 18, 2014

Our Resident DJ Louie Vega shows us why he’s called ‘The Maestro’ with this beautifully crafted mix. You can catch him weekly at Cielo on Wednesdays for his Roots parties


Episode 3 – John Julius Knight

November 18, 2014

Click Here to Download Our summer resident John Julius Knight provides this smooth mix to get us ready for his upcoming dates at Cielo.    


Episode 2 – Nicolas Matar (Live)

November 18, 2014

Live set from our Paradizo event on March 19, 2011


Episode 1 – Desyn Masiello, Nicolas Matar & Willie Graff B2B

November 18, 2014

Recorded live during our 8th Anniversary Celebration, our first podcast is a very special B2B set featuring Desyn Masiello and our residents Nicolas Matar & Willie Graff