Episode 25 – Oscar G

Together with long-time friend and production partner Ralph Falcon, Oscar Gaetan is half of the legendary production duo Murk (also responsible for a plethora of club classics as Liberty City, Funky Green Dogs and Deep South), one of the most celebrated and accomplished outfits ever to grace a turntable. With seven Billboard #1s to their name, including ‘Dark Beat’, ’Fired Up’ and ‘Some Lovin’’, the duo’s remix discography is equally in a league of its own with a dozens of A-list artists benefitting from their tribal embellished grooves and twisted beats. Thankfully these days Oscar’s DJ sets at Cielo aren’t as infrequent and rare as a new Murk record, but musically they’re both equally fastidious with attention to detail and satisfaction at their crux. The original OG is rightly celebrated for creating one of the most distinctive sounds in house – tense, tribal percussion and ominous, all-encompassing basslines are at the core of his arsenal. Hear what’s been rocking South Beach dance floors for over a decade with the welcome return of Oscar G on Thursday 22nd.