Episode 27 – Riva Starr

When house hero Claude Von Stroke calls you “one of the best producers on the planet,” people should sit up and listen. Riva’s a creative magnet that draws his inspiration from such a diverse range of sources that it makes it practically impossible to pigeonhole his style. It’s a point reinforced on a discography of studio collaborations and remixes that further underscores his eclecticism: Horace Andy and Roots Manuva to Fatboy Slim and Dennis Ferrer, while also reimagining singles by Gossip, Justin Martin, Usher, Plan B and Azari & III. Unafraid of experimentation, Riva Starr (aka Italian Stefano Miele) is an innovator rejecting conformity, relying instead on his over-riding love of music and latent instinct to guide his hand. Where two paths diverge in the musical world he always takes the one less travelled and the house scene is all the richer for it.