Episode 28 – Gabriel & Dresden

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Every now and then the dance music community is blessed by the union of two geniuses that when together have the ability to create music that is something more special than they could ever accomplish alone. Through trials and tribulations, solo projects and rough patches, Josh Gabriel & Dave Dresden has become one of those special duos. Their music has transcended genres and given us some of dance music’s most prized possessions including ‘Tracking Treasure Down’, ‘As The Rush Comes’, ‘Dangerous Power’ and ‘Rise Up’. On Thursday 16th Gabriel & Dresden headline Trance.Here.Now, although, as they recently revealed, they never set out to make trance. “Sure, we were inspired by a lot of the music, and some of our biggest records came as a result of us going to a Tiesto show together, but none of those songs were ever meant to be ‘pure’ trance. It’s just that trance DJs gravitated to our music.”