Def Mix takes over Lower Manhattan on Saturday Nov 22nd!

For what promises to be an essential evening in starring David Morales, alongside Cielo regular, Hector Romero. David Morales was one of the first dance remixers to see the bigger picture and make the leap to artist production, opening the floodgates for the masses that followed. He turned radio edits by the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and U2 into full-blown epic productions, attracting serious royalties and not just one-off mix fees in the process. “‘Dreamlover’ is the ultimate house remix,” says Pete Tong, “it set the standard for the next 10 years.” The nineties saw Morales morph into a Grammy Award winning DJ, producer and remixer, partner in the highly successful Def Mix production company (along with the late Frankie Knuckles and Hector Romero) and become a credible artist in his own right under. “He stays true to house music,” says Paul Oakenfold, “capturing the essence of the song retaining the integrity of the artists and it works on the dancefloor.” When asked to single out his greatest post-production moments, Morales states: “I’m proud of three mixes in particular: ‘Dreamlover’ by Mariah Carey because it was the first time that an artist went into the studio to re-sing the song in a different key and style altogether. ‘Space Cowboy’ by Jamiroquai because I took a jam session and rearranged it so that it can be played on radio, and Shabba Ranks’ ‘Mr. Loverman’. As I took a dancehall track and turned it into a pop song with a hip-hop beat. All were totally different from their original arrangement.”