Cielo Welcomes Back Tyler Sherritt

The extended weekend gains momentum on Saturday 29th as Set List welcomes back Tyler Sherritt. Those who witnessed Tyler’s last Cielo appearance in July will attest how this unsung hero of EDM is building his reputation one dancefloor at a time. While others have gone down the commercial route for mainstream acceptance, this New Yorker plied his trade week-in-week-out up-and-down the east coast hitting some the largest college party schools in the nation, and building a fan base at grassroots level. Having recently made the transition to the studio, he’s recently outdone himself on an amazing rework of Hans Zimmer’s ‘Time’ from the movie, Inception. “I found it to be one of the most emotional and heart-wrenching pieces of music I have ever heard,” he says. “I have always been intrigued by the art and composition of movie soundtracks; to evoke the feelings intended by the film maker.” Sherritt’s deconstruction of ‘Time’ is euphoric and uplifting, with trance like elements designed to get you high and take you away.