Tedd Patterson Celebrates 11 Years of Vibal!

Congratulations to Tedd Patterson, and all those associated with Vibal, who on Saturday 6th celebrate their 11th Anniversary. “Thank you to Cielo and all our loyal regulars for so many amazing years and memories,” says the great man himself, “I’m hoping that this 11th year at Cielo turns out to be a good one. For starters, I’m gonna play a full night of classics. Focusing on the ‘90s but not limited to just that. Of course, they’ll be plenty of Vibal classics as well.” Several of those future Vibal anthems-in-the-making will no doubt include Tedd Patterson’s upcoming remixes of Roland Clark’s ‘Go Back’, his dub of ‘Thanks To You’ – that DJ Spen produced with vocalist Tracy Hamlin – and the Moon Rocket’s ‘Slave To Time’. Happy 11th Anniversary Vibal!