Chicago Legend Dj Pierre Hits Cielo!

On Friday 12th SOUP presents Chicago dance music pioneer, DJ Pierre. Over the years the man born Nathaniel Pierre Jones has recorded as Phortune, Phantasy Club, Photon Inc. and a myriad of other aliases, responsible for such seminal anthems as ‘Acid Tracks’, ‘Generate Power’ and Joint Venture’s ‘Master Blaster’, as well as his signature ‘Wild Pitch’ sound. In a recent interview with Fader magazine, when asked how acid house help shaped the electronic music landscape, DJ Pierre was quick to dismiss the differences. “EDM culture is not separate from house music,” said the mastermind responsible for the creation of acid house genre. “I think you could say the origins of EDM started from acid house and, acid house stemmed from house music. It all stems from Chicago. EDM culture is not separate from house music… People are starting to think it didn’t start in Chicago, that it started somewhere else. It started here!” History lesson over!