Forward Disco Holiday Party with Hex Hector & Jason Ojeda

After their pairing in February at Forward Disco, Cielo Presents the Hex Hector & Jason Ojeda Holiday Party on Saturday 20th to help ease you into the festive spirit…remember ugly holiday sweaters are NOT part of the dress code! Hex Hector rarely gives interviews or touts for photo opportunities, unlike the plethora of wannabe DJs snapping at his ankles, instead he lets his turntable skills and production savvy speak on his behalf. And shout they do, with a Grammy to his name, and a discography of production work that reads like a who’s-who of popular music in the latter part of 20th Century. One the long-standing pillars of New York’s DJ community, Hex’s been spinning since the waning days of disco when he was a contemporary of such artists as Larry Levan and Afrika Bambaataa, holding residencies at just about every key club in the city’s history, including stints at the Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium and Danceteria…Jason Ojeda equally has a history behind the decks rooted in New York clubland, and some three decades of spinning to his name, many in partnership with his good friend, mentor and adversary, Hex Hector.