NYE 2015 at Cielo with Sleepy & Boo + Special Guests Eskuche & Nu Sky

On Wednesday 31st we say farewell to 2014 and massive hello to ‘15 as Cielo celebrates New Year’s Eve in the company of our good friends Sleepy & Boo and special guests Eskuche & Nu Sky. “Being married is a pretty special bond and connection that probably most DJs who are just partners or buddies don’t have,” says Sleepy (Mike) of his partner and wife Boo (Begoña). “That’s not to say that some partnerships aren’t very special and will last a lifetime, but it’s just a different sort of commitment. How that translates into being a DJ, that’s a little harder to speculate. But that’s who we are and that’s when the magic is created!” Their approach to DJing is equally magical, presenting a set that expresses what they love about this music: grooves, rhythms, texture, atmosphere and energy, all with a message. Joining them ring out the old and welcome in the new are Eskuche & Nu Sky. Inspired by the vibe of New York City and a mutual house attraction, they decided to combine their innovative ideas in collaboration. A dozen releases later and they’re still creating cult jams with a distinct New York flavor and techno underbelly.