Layton Giordani & Techno Posse this Friday at Cielo!

After the excesses of the holiday festivities and the mayhem, madness and musical mêlée of New Year’s Eve, wipe the slate clean and start afresh on Friday 2nd of January as Techno Posse kick starts a new clubbing year at Cielo in the company of Layton Giordani. The young and inspirational New Yorker began his productive journey through the EDM scene in his teens (he’s still only in his early twenties) experimenting with all forms of electronica before finally settling on stark shrewdly structured sets filled with percolating beats, synth-driven basslines and tripped-out vocals. His sound harks back to Deep Dish in their prime where crystalline electronica is fused to perfection with oddball percussion, and leftfield eccentrics. The comparison is fully justified, and in the not too distant future Layton Giordani could similarly find himself as the haut couture of club culture.