Todd Terry Joins Soup on January 9th

Soup on Friday 9th welcomes house music royalty in the form of Todd Terry. Perhaps more than any of his early East Coast compatriots, Todd Terry was the producer who really set about changing the parameters of house music in the first post-Chicago wave of the mid-’80s. Combining NYC’s then-dominant Latin freestyle sound with the Windy City’s four-to-the-floor backbone, plus storming bass-heavy drum-kicks and a hip-hop-inspired use and abuse of disco era samples, he made house music that hit the dancefloor head on. He would create a string of archetypical releases that included Royal House’s ‘Can U Party’, ‘Bango’,‘A Day In The Life’ under the guise of Black Riot and ‘Weekend’ as the Todd Terry Project. Skip forward a decade and his remix of Everything But The Girl’s ‘Missing’ would sell over seven million copies worldwide; a record Pete Tong lists as one of the greatest mixes of all time: “Todd did the perfect thing and kept it simple… genius, dark and huge.” Welcome to the church of house music presided over by Todd the God. Are you a believer?