Sleepy & Boo Shine at Their Residency Illusion Tomorrow Night

Fresh from hosting Cielo’s New Year’s Eve bash, Sleepy & Boo make a quick return to the Meatpacking District on Saturday 10th for their residency Illusion tomorrow night. From a chance meeting over the counter at the original Halcyon Record store on Smith Street in Brooklyn, to dating and then marrying – they show that it can be possible to have your cake and eat it too! “We both totally loved the music and the parties and the culture and decided it was a lot more fun if both of us were doing this together,” says Sleepy (Mike) of his wife Boo (Begoña). “So we put in a lot of time practicing and figuring out what DJing together would be like and it just took off from there.” With an attitude for focusing on the music, the vibe and the party, they believe in having a good time without distractions.

Illusion is this tomorrow night (Saturday 1/10), and they’ll be returning for a pretty dreamy Valentine’s Day party in February.