Demi Featured at Dance.Here.Now. Tomorrow Night

Since hitting the decks for the first time in 2000 at the notorious Double Six in Bali, London’s Demi Hajigeorgiu has been uniting spirits across the globe in their love for lush house beats. Soon after his auspicious debut, he set up the Deeper Substance residency in London, which became a cultural touchstone, establishing his curatorial prowess and paving the way for his now-revered original productions that boast a natural flare for texture and melody. In 2004, he joined up with Omid 16B and Desyn Masiello to form the DJ/mix/production trio SOS, which dominated the London scene up through 2010 with classic tracks like “Changing Your Mind”.

Recently he established the new EyeTone imprint, named for its multi-media approach, which put out his deliciously moody “Leave It All Behind” b/w “Cactus” 12″. He’s now slated co-headline with Dev Bhandari, also a master composer, for hotly anticipated installment of Dance.Here.Now. right here at Cielo tomorrow night (February 5th). Transcendence guaranteed.​