Marques Wyatt Brings DEEP to Cielo Saturday, March 14

Today, dance music has a hold of the zeitgeist and “deep house” is one of those prolific terms that are pretty much never used correctly. But in the early 90s, when house music was largely relegated to Chicago, Detroit and New York, Marques Wyatt was establishing an outpost for the scene in his own city, Los Angeles. Not only a topflight DJ and producer, he was an instrumental boots-on-the-ground promoter behind influential parties like MAC’s Garage, BBC, Does Your Mama Know, Brass, and he remains the helm of the Deep weekly which he is thankfully taking to New York City this weekend.

Wyatt’s approach to production and remixing ­­­is an irresistible blend off jazzy keys, hypnotic melodies, funky basslines and futuristic beats. His takes on Maureen Parker’s “Whatcha Do”, Andy Caldwell’s “I Can’t Wait” and Afro-Mystik’s “Rhythm Is?” are just some of his classic tracks that have landed on compilation after compilation. His Don’t Look Back EP is a certified OM Records classic.

Wyatt brings the legendary Deep tradition to Cielo this Saturday with beloved New Yorker, The Wizard Brian Coxx, known for setting up the influential Soulgasm party. Expect lush grooves and flying sparks.