Interview With Denney, Set To Slay Cielo Tomorrow

by Logan Siska

In 2012, the UK’s Denney burst onto the scene with his massive hit “Ultraviolet”. It was that tune and his tropical, melody-driven DJ sets that would catch the attention of Hot Creations label boss Jamie Jones. He would continue his ascension as a world class DJ the next two years, playing at Ibiza stalwart DC-10 with the rest of the Hot Creations crew for their Paradise parties, garnering praise from veterans and fans alike. In 2014 he began a residency at the club night Back to Basics and signed a deal with NGE Agency, the same group that manages Jamie Jones, Damian Lazarus and Art Department.

2015 has seen him start an extensive tour schedule, bringing his eclectic brand of techno all over the world. He recently did an after hours mix for the world famous Pete Tong’s BBC1 radio show and had a successful hit with the release of his EP Pimp Out on Hot Creations. He’s gearing up for another stellar summer with his “Viva Warriors” residency at Sankey’s Ibiza.

This Thursday Denny will be bringing some of those summer vibes to Dance.Here.Now. at Cielo, making use of the best sound system in Manhattan, before setting off on a hectic summer touring schedule. The occasion provided a chance for us to put a few burning questions to him…

Pete Tong recently featured your new song “Low Frequency”, as his essential new tune. How much of an honor is it getting love from a legend like Pete?
It’s a huge honor to get love from Pete as I have been listening to his show since I was 12 years old (when I started DJing). When you look back at some of the tracks he has made his Essential New Tune over the years they are some of the most iconic dance tracks in history; to be up there with those is truly amazing.

The new EP Pimp Out has been getting a lot of plays and is doing really well since its release. Did you know you had such a big hit on your hands when you were creating it?
Not at all, I just set about making the tracks as I do any of my other records and never expected it to be such a big hit. I saw a video of Jamie Jones playing “Low Frequency” in Croatia last year and when I saw the crowd’s reaction I thought we might be onto something.

You’re playing the Outbreak Summer Festival this month. Do you have a preference when it comes to playing clubs or festivals?
I love playing both to be honest; I’ve had amazing gigs at parties for 300 people and festival tents of 3000 people. I think the main difference in the two is you get to play slightly different records. I prepare my music differently for a festival than I do club gigs, which continuously makes it exciting for me.

Are there any new projects you’re working on that we should keep an eye out for?
have done remixes for Crosstown Rebels, Defected, Skint, Circus Recordings and Classic as well as original material dropping on VIVa Music, Knee Deep In Sound, Pokerflat and Ministry of Sound.

You have a busy touring schedule lined up for the summer. Are there any specific preparations you have to make when getting ready for life on the road?
I just make sure I’m fully prepared with my music and have packed all necessities. I also tend to cut red meat out of my diet and drink a lot of water; this I’ve found really makes me feel better when travelling.