Love & Logic Lay Down The Law This Friday

Support Our Underground Properly – tis the motto and creed of Chris Love & AB Logic. Also known as Love & Logic, these two DJs and producers are residents of the SOUP NYC collective, a nomadic party with a focus on underground house and techno music. Chris “Love” Kausch founded SOUP NYC in the early 90s. Holding residencies at the city’s most notorious clubs including The Limelight and Roxy, he honed his skills while spinning for some of New York’s most discerning clubbers. It was during this time that Love founded Stuck On Earth; an events and party series including REEESPECT and the seaborne High Tides.

For almost two decades, Andrew “AB Logic” Inelli has been producing music and setting East Coast dancefloors ablaze. His rise to prominence in the dance music community began with his role as half of The Hoodfellas duo, who put out tracks alongside Jesse Simons on labels like Hudd Traxx, Guesthouse and Greenskeepers. Logic himself is also the co-owner and current A&R of the well-respected Smoke City Music record label, home to names like Non Believers, Jay Bliss and Jeff Haze.

After a short personal break from 2006-2009, Love restarted the SOUP brand and asked AB Logic to come aboard. Since then they’ve been filling dance floors with original house and techno cuts, paying homage to the originators of the genres (such as Juan Atkins and Baby Hector Romero- both of whom have played SOUP NYC parties) while electrifying audiences with new and interesting lineups in unique venues all over the big apple.

For July 10th’s installment, Love & Logic have a lot up their sleeves. Expect some jams off of their upcoming “Big Booty B*tches” coming out on Riva Star’s Snatch! Records, or the equally tantalizing “Bicycle Seat”, pending release Guesthouse Records. “Playing peak time at Cielo is always a blast,” says AB Logic, “and we’re ready to take the crowd on a ride Friday night!” Sounds like they’ve got this one in the bag already!