Jesse Rose Puts It Down at SOUP TOMORROW, August 14th

Jesse Rose is a name that’s been ruling the scene for nearly two decades. He hails from London, but when he began his DJ career he moved to Bristol to follow the bubbling club scene of the early 90s. After sowing his oats in Bristol he moved back to his home base of London in 1997 and again began taking the scene by storm in much the same way he did in Bristol. He put out sa fewome small records between this time and 2001, when he founded his own label, Front Room Records, with friend Chris Bellsey.

He didn’t limit himself to his own productions or his own label though by any stretch. From 2001 on he has continued to release numerous records on an eclectic group of labels and remix many top producer’s tracks, including Hot Chip and Radio Slave. Playing some of the top clubs in Europe, especially Great Britain, obviously followed with all this success and his strong roots in the Great Britain music scene. He’s played world renowned clubs like Panorama Bar and Fabric. As one half of Induceve alongside David Taylor, Rose has crafted grooved and utterly fun jams like “Jazz Chop” and “On You”. 2014 was an especially busy year for the veteran, releasing the acclaimed album, The Whole Twelve Inches, and a few straight gems including “Fly Tonight” and “One Thing” all on Play It down Records.

This Summer has seen him continue his extensive touring schedule, where he’s hit spots like Sankey’s Ibiza, Fabric in London, Amnesia Ibiza, and Sound Museum Vision in Tokyo. He’ll be making a stop at Cielo before heading down to Miami and then back to Europe. The mighty SOUP residency, alongside Love & Logic, Roddy & Rusty and Path, is the perfect venue for him to display his skills.