Rhythm Goddess Honey Dijon Joins Forward Disco August 22

A New York City culture icon and the architect behind some of Cielo’s most incredible moments, Honey Redmond aka DJ Honey Dijon is a creative mastermind in the fields of sound and fashion. Sometimes a pundit for Style.com and other times a model gracing the pages of Vogue, Honey Dijon is beloved by the electronic music scene for her ability to bridge the melodic grooves of funk and soul with the futuristic rhythms of house and techno. Her eclectic aesthetic has its roots in the South Side of Chicago where she grew up, born male but identifying as a girl from a young age, playing her parents’ soul records at the parties they threw in her basement.

Basement parties transitioned to sneaking into clubs, and the development of a musical style that Derrick Carter called “schizonephrenic” (the Chicago legend also notably called Dijon his favorite DJ). She moves between of disco, house, techno with a chic expertise that comes from a deep knowledge of the material. In the studio she’s prolific, releasing stand-out remixes for the likes of Joeski, and DJ Chus, as well as pop acts including Cyndi Lauper and Hercules & Love Affair. Her original productions feature lush synths, bittersweet melodies and timeless beats, as heard on her new Double Header 12″ collaboration with Tim K featuring the addictive “Burn”.

Miss Honey Dijon joins Butcha Sound studio guru Phil Moffa for an amazing edition of Forward Disco, a monthly dedicated to the minds responsible for carrying the essence of dance music into the future, on Saturday, August 22nd. Residents Sean Cormac and Chili Davis are in the house as well, of course. See you on the floor!