Sabine Blaizin Brings African Sounds to TOCA September 4

One of Brooklyn’s key guardians and purveyors African Diasporic culture, Sabine Blaizin is an undeniably talented DJ and producer. Her brand Oyasound, which is also the title of her forthcoming EP, is a mixture of disparate styles, everything from Haitian Roots to Afrobeat to American House, distilled into a cohesive sound that vividly recalls its cultural origins. She is also the resident DJ at Brooklyn Mecca, an organization dedicated to Afro-Roots dance in conjunction with the city’s leading troupes. Though she’s needed in Brooklyn, she has rocked sets as far off as Chicago, Haiti and Dakar. Recently she’s played Turntables On The Hudson as well as the Summer opening reception for the MoCADA Musueum.

Blaizin joins Cielo’s monthly TOCA party, a night that pulls of tribal beats with unrivaled gusto, this Friday. A must for fans of global beats, killer outfits and incredible moves.