The Undisputed Darude at Cielo, September 10th

Finland’s own trance hero Darude burst onto the scene in 1999 with the smash hit “Sandstorm”. The song has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon since meme culture took a fancy to it in the mid-2000s, providing Darude a new crop of unexpected fans. His blend of catchy song structures with heavy club breaks and grooves propelled him up through 2007 when he dropped the album Label This!, the title a nod to his untamed approach.

Now he’s back with the new album Moments, of which Dancing Astronaut raves, “it’s evident that eight years of observing the scene’s development inspired the producer to connect with this newer generation of fans while staying true to himself and the old guard.” The long gap between this and his last record is due mainly to the birth of his son, though he’s stayed active in the clubs nonetheless. In 2011, he set up EnMass Records, home to visionaries including Boyan & Boyer, Paul Corson and Weirdness. His steadfast dedication to the craft has paid off, just check the brilliant new single “Beautiful Alien”.

Darude spins at Cielo on Thursday, September 10th, thanks to the good folks at MeanRed and GBH. To the dancefloor!