DJ Dan On Deck Tomorrow, September 11, For Love & Logic Release

The inspirational genesis of DJ Dan’s sound is in Olympia where he grew up making DIY mixes on his patents’ sound system before eventually studying fashion in Seattle. But an invitation to Los Anageles’s rave scene in 1995 caused Daniel Wherret to alter his course. He moved to Los Angeles in 1995 and took the club scene by storm, building a style around breakbeats, house and techno.

Dan has earned numerous accolades and titles, including an “America’s Favorite DJ” nod from Urb and 2001’s DJ of The Year in Raveworld. But aside from his undisputed mixing and selection skills, DJ Dan is a fabled producer since his first EP dropped in 1996. From that point he has been putting out records with increasing frequency each year, with an attention to detail that he continually develops. “That Zipper Track”, “Loose Caboose” and “Put That Record Back On” are all originals that put DJ Dan on the map, not to mentions his acclaimed remixes for the likes of New Order, Yoko Ono and Pussyacat Dolls. “That Phone Track” reached #1 on the BillBoard Club chart.

In 2001 he formed In Stereo Records which boasts releases from Classixx, Mike Balance, Disco Kidz and most recently the Mystik Roots Band. He has also been hard at work running his Stereo Damage Podcasts. All in all, it has been incredible to witness the accomplishments of this tireless genius mount up over the past two decades.

Dan joins Soup NYC for an awesome occasion, the release of residents Love & Logic’s new single “Bicycle Seat”. DJ Mes, who remixed the track, joins up as do Meshugs and Bob Evil. It’s going to be a proper riot.