Vibal Combines Forces with DEEP’s Marques Wyatt on Friday

For over 20 years, Marques Wyatt has not only proven his skills as a producer and DJ, but he’s been the promotional genius behind roving institutions like MAC’s Garage, BBC, Does Your Mama Know, Brass and now DEEP. His blend of jazzy sounds and hypnotic basslines was a key factor in the rise of house music in Los Angeles. His takes on Maureen Parker’s “Whatcha Do”, Andy Caldwell’s “I Can’t Wait” and Afro-Mystik’s “Rhythm Is?” are just some of his classic tracks that have landed on compilation after compilation. His Don’t Look Back EP is a certified OM Records classic.

On Friday, Wyatt’s DEEP combines forces with the incredible Cielo monthly Vibal, headed for nearly 12 years by DJ Tedd Patterson. Patterson, has been consistently taking dancefloors on a journey through the realms of deep and garage house, from his timeless Maxi-Mum Dance Floor Capacity mix in 1995 to his 2009 techno-infused 12″ “Hubble”. The combination of Wyatt and Patterson promises an absolutely cosmic Friday night. To sweeten the deal we’ve made it free before midnight with RSVP!