Chicago Legends Roy Davis Jr. and Gene Hunt in for SOUP

Chicago’s Roy Davis Jr. is an early adopter of the house movement. He joined up with DJ Pierre’s Phuture production company in the 80s, before moving onto New York and joining as A&R at Strictly Rhythm. As a producer, he’s responsible for a number of timeless tracks including “Gabriel” with Peven Everett, “Rock Shock” on Daft Punk’s Roulè label, and production for the likes of Mary J Blige and Patti LaBelle. His sound incorporates elements of techno and garage as well as funk and soul.

For Friday’s SOUP, Davis is joined by Gene Hunt, another Chicago legend with a production record dating back to Trax Records in 1989. Since then he’s collaborated with the likes of Farley Jackmaster Funk, Frankie Knuckles, Adam Beyer, Carl Cox and Ron Hardy. He’s widely recognized as one of the first to meld Chicago’s soulful house sound with the mechanical textures of techno, resulting in a mindbending blend. He recently put out the 12″ “Twinz” b/w “909 vs. 707”, a driving, bold example of this ambitious aesthetic.

We can’t thank SOUP enough for bringing these Windy City innovators our way. That’s smarts! Love & Logic as well as Kristin Lush & Lady Cherelle will also be going in.