Adana Twins Rep Their Hometown Sound at Kaviar Disco Night

On October 24th, Kaviar Disco is bringing us The Adana Twins of Hamburg Germany, the duo of DJs Take It Easy and Friso. The two formed in 2006 inspired by the huge Ed Banger techno sound, but as the mainstream scene got more aggressive, they turned their attention to deeper, moodier vibes. Their JEUDI imprint promotes local DJs espousing this local specialty. This, along with Adana Twins’ breakout 2012 singles “Everyday” and “Strange” winning support from Wolf+Lamb and A-trak, has been a major factor in putting their city on the map.

Also on the bill is Fernando Nascii of Sao Paolo, head of the Gop Tun collective and imprint that promulgates a house sound inspired by 90s R&B. Kaviar Disco Club residents Higgins and Beto Cravioto throw down as they always do. We’ve got Saturday night on lock!